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Hold on – don’t throw your old, damaged photos away!
We can restore old and damaged historical or family photographs

Is it discoloured? – we will restore it with new vibrant colours
Is it creased or torn? – we will restore it digitally
Is it faded? – we will revive its content and contrast
Has it been defaced? – we will clean it up to near new
Scratched or water damaged? – we will restore its beauty again
Need another background?  – your wish is our command
Not happy with your portrait? – we can retouch it expertly in Photoshop
Need more content in your photo? – we can add people, animals, objects or backgrounds

We can remove watermarks, scratches, torn photos, faded colours and much more. What was once old can be made new again. Send us your faded, creased, discoloured, torn, moulded or otherwise damaged old pictures and let us revive and restore them for you.

Over 40 years of creative graphic design, photography and Photoshop experience at your service

Restore photos

Restoration and revival of old, classic or damaged photos

Every project is different and some images can only be restored to a certain point. We will advise you of the extent of restoration that is possible before the job is taken on. Generally as a guideline the following charges will apply:


• Light image manipulation and restoration from $45
• Medium image manipulation and restoration from $85
• Substantial and complicated image manipulation and restoration from $150

You can upload a jpeg file on the order form if you have a scanned version of your restoration project available.

If you are uncertain about your photo or project, we will gladly provide you with a quotation
• Free data disc, case and cover
• Free digital download of finished file
• Free transfer of file to CD, DVD or USB (cost of USB device not included)
• Professional expert restoration
Watermarked proofs online from our secure private server

We can also alter your photos or jpeg files
Girl in field
Woman with freckles

The first image above shows an altered background. The second shows removal of freckles. Anything is possible…just ask us!  GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Call 03 546 4148 or 021 055 3102 for more information or a quotation


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