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Looking for a special Christmas gift idea?
DVD and USB Christmas gift
Click below to get a cost estimate and to order

DVD gift from $29+GST or USB gift from $25+GST

Send us one or more old home videos and we will bring them back to life! Surprise someone this Christmas with a unique personalised DVD or USB gift.

• Surprise your kids with footage of them as babies!
• Perfect gift for grandparents to watch on their TV
• Watch your treasured wedding video again
• Mum and Dad’s memories of holidays, parties and family events

– transfer to your choice of USB or DVD (USB device extra, or supply your own)
– personalised Christmas packaging with details of sender and recipient
– personalised intro clip with Christmas message
– still photos taken from the videos on covers and labels
– option for extra copies available
– editing out gaps and blank screens
– broken tapes fixed where possible
– mouldy tapes cleaned ($5 – $10 per tape)
– FREE return delivery on orders $45 or over (excluding GST)

It’s easy…
– order online or by phone
– send us your videos
– make your payment on completion of the order
– receive your gift