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Convert and transfer your video tapes to USB
VHS, VHS-C, Video8, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV, DVD, MiniDVD, SD cards. PAL & NTSC

Do you remember all the birthdays, weddings, holidays and family events that you recorded on your video camera? Maybe your business has corporate training or special events videos. Your tapes may appear to be in good condition, but they may also have started to deteriorate slowly without you knowing it.

Camcorder and VHS tapes are old, analog recordings. They are affected by temperature, sunlight, magnetic fields and humidity changes. They begin to deteriorate after about a decade, or even less, depending on how they were stored.

The only alternative is to transfer them to a digital format. Avoid losing precious memories by converting your tapes to a USB device.

A USB is an easy and cost-effective way to watch your old home videos again on your TV, computer or mobile device. You can also make duplicates for playback on your TV, PC, Mac, PlayStation, Blu-ray player, DVD player with USB port and streaming devices. GREAT GIFT IDEA!


What’s included in the price?
• Personalised packaging 
• Editing out gaps and blank screens
• Free return delivery on orders $50 or over (excluding GST)
For more info see How does it work?

Convert and transfer to USB prices

1 – 10 video tapes – $26 each (USB drive not included)
11 – 20 video tapes – $24 each (USB drive not included)

Contact us for a special deal if you have more than 20 tapes 

Copy files to an extra USB – $15 per USB

You can supply your own USB or get one from us. 

USB drive prices
• 8GB USB drive    – $12 each
• 16GB USB drive  – $15 each
• 32GB USB drive  – $25 each
• 64GB USB drive  – $55 each

Mould-infected tapes
Please note that all moulded tapes must be cleaned before we convert them 
Clean mould from VHS tape (light to medium infection) – $10 per tape
Clean mould from VHS tape (heavy to severe infection) – $15 per tape

Don’t know what’s on your tape, and you only want family/home video content?
Click here: Only family/home video content

Note – GST not included in prices shown

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Transfer your videos to USB and give it as a unique gift 


• Weddings
• Xmas family gift

• Anniversaries

• Baby scans

• Birthday parties

• Holidays

• Family celebrations

• School concerts

• Sporting events

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Video sizes on USB
Mould will destroy your tapes
We can clean and convert them
Heavy moulded VHS tape

A VHS tape heavily infected by mould. A white powdery substance, visible on the tape, will destroy the tape in time.

Video8 sticky tape syndrome

Video8 tape with sticky tape syndrome. This condition is becoming more frequent lately. 

Mould on Video8 tape

Video8 tape infected by mould. Difficult to clean but we may still be able to extract some good footage.

With an affected VHS tape even the case is eventually damaged and cannot be used to transfer the video.

What can happen to my video tapes when infected by mould?

Video and audio tape is made from cellulose coated with ferric oxide. It can dry out with age and become brittle. If stored in humid or damp conditions, like in a shed or garage, it will in time be infected by a powdery white fungus known as “mould” which resembles a fine white dust.

Once the tape is infected it will slowly eat into the tape and eventually completely destroy it. Mould will systematically spread from tape to tape and also infect the VCR. This problem is mostly found with VHS tapes, but lately also with Video8 and Hi8 tapes.

Mould infection of VHS, other video tapes and audio cassettes recorded in the 1980s and 1990s is becoming more noticeable lately.

Don’t let this happen to your tapes – inspect them today. If they are moulded you should be thinking of having them cleaned and transferred as soon as possible, before it’s too late.

What can you do?

• Don’t store your tapes in a garden shed, cellar or attic where temperatures can vary a lot.

• Don’t store your tapes in damp areas or in wet cardboard or wooden boxes.

• Keep your tapes in a dark cupboard and away from direct heat sources.

Inspect your tapes

• Look for a white powdery dust.

• Don’t touch it, brush it off or blow it across other tapes.

• Don’t try to play your tapes as it will infect and damage your VCR.

• Wear a face mask and gloves if you want to attempt to open the cassette (not recommended).

Send your tapes to us – we will inspect them to determine if they can be cleaned. If so, we will then clean and extract as much footage from the tapes as possible.

We classify mould infection in 4 stages:
• Slight
• Medium
• Heavy
• Severe

When cleaned, SlightMedium and Heavy have produced good to excellent results, whilst Severe ranges from poor to unwatchable results.