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Convert your analog audio cassette tapes to digital files

Do you have old audio cassettes with priceless recordings on them from the 70s, 80s and 90s? Maybe they are precious recordings of your babies laughter or first words, your children singing, music recordings, audio books or family stories and conversations.

It’s getting harder and harder to find a device to play them on and they are stored away never to be heard again.

These tapes were not meant to last a lifetime. Deterioration or breakage can happen from repeated winding and rewinding, storage near magnetic fields, sunlight and humid conditions.

We convert the recordings to MP3 digital audio files and transfer them to your choice of CD or USB. Wherever possible we can reduce background noise and enhance the quality of the sound. Listen to your favourite recordings again on your DVD/CD player, PC, Mac, TV with USB port, BluRay player and streaming devices.

You could also transfer the files to your iPhone and other mobile streaming devices. GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Order online, by email, or phone 021 055 3102 or 03 546 4148

Trasfer-Audio-to digital
Audio to USB

Convert audio cassette tapes and transfer to CD/USB

1 – 6 cassette tapes (1 side) – $26.00 each (USB not included)
1 – 6 cassette tapes (2 sides) – $35.00 each (USB not included)
7 + cassette tapes (1 side) – $23.00 each (USB not included)
7 + cassette tapes (2 sides) – $31.00 each (USB not included)

Extra copies to CD   – $20 each
Extra copies to USB – $20 each (USB not included)

Supply your own USB, or we can supply one

Return tracked courier post $12.00 + GST for parcels under 3kg (unless local). Rural is $5.50 + GST extra
• We will advise you of the return cost for parcels over 3kg

USB Prices
• 16GB USB flash drives – $17 each

• For prices of other USB sizes see “convert video to USB” page

Note – GST not included in prices shown

Click below to use the calculator or place an order
Remember his laugh?
Or baby saying "mama"?
And her singing debut

What’s included in my order?

• CD/DVD • CD/DVD case • Basic cover and disc label • Basic noise removal where possible
For more info see How does it work?


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