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8mm and Super 8 film reel digital conversions and transfers.

Do you have old film reels that may be deteriorating? We scan 8mm film and Super 8 film to digital files and transfer them to USB or DVD. We can enhance the colour, and make brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustments.

Family and historical footage from the 50s, 60s and 70s, or even earlier, can be saved for generations to come. Maybe they hold images of your parents or grandparents, family holidays, children, or just footage of everyday life. So, imagine you and your family being able to watch the precious images again for many years to come on a TV or computer screen.

8mm qnd Super8 film transfers

Order online, by email, or phone 021 055 3102 or 03 546 4148

8mm film reel sizes

Prices for film reel transfers

(Prices shown excludes GST which will be added to the total amount)

Transfer to USB or DVD

Cost of USB drive is extra (or supply your own)
* Bulk Discounts available. Contact us if you have many reels.

See below for reel size, approximate running time and cost

One 50ft only (3 inch/76mm) 3 – 4 mins – $40.00 

2 or more 50ft (3 inch/76mm) 3 – 4 mins $25.00 per reel

100ft (4 inch/102mm)  7 – 8 mins      $45.00 per reel

200ft (5 inch/127mm)  14 –16 mins  $70.00 per reel

300ft (6 inch/152mm)  21 – 24 mins $90.00 per reel

400ft (7 inch/175mm)  28 – 32 mins $110.00 per reel

600ft (9 inch/207mm)  40 – 44 mins $145.00 per reel

• Return tracked courier post is $12:00 + GST for parcels up to 3kg (unless local)
• We will advise you of the return cost for parcels over 3kg
• Rural deliveries will be $5.50 extra

• Sound captured from Super 8 film is only done on request and is not included in the above prices

• Super 8 sound – $10.00 per 50ft 

Click below to use the calculator OR to place an order

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PLEASE NOTE: We do not develop 8mm or Super 8 films, we only digitise and transfer film that has already been developed

See what our clients say about our 8mm film reel transfers

Price includes

• Scan resolution in HD 1440 x 1080 pixels

• No set-up fee

• Cleaning of films before scanning

• Film splicing and repair if necessary

• New leaders if necessary

• Colour enhancement

• Brightness, contrast and sharpness adjustments

• Customised titles

• DVD disc and case (if convert to DVD is selected)

• FREE background music if requested

Extra copies to USB $15 or DVD $20 each

For more information on splices see FAQ

Super 8 Sound - Little girl singing
We transfer sound for Super 8 films only

Please note: Magnetic sound on Super 8 film can, and will, deteriorate over time. As sound is captured separately, straight from a sound projector in realtime onto a computer, and added to the final scan in the editing process later, we can’t absolutely guarantee 100% synchronisation. This is a lengthy process and will be charged for separately. 

We can, however, add a FREE background piano, guitar or other soft instrumental music track to 8mm and Super 8 film footage if requested.

Scanning frame-by-frame versus projection
or old Telecine method

If you are considering digitising your film please beware of conversions that are only run on old projectors. Old film should be handled with care and could be damaged. Our professional film scanners scan each individual frame, extracting the maximum detail, which results in flicker-free transfers. Our experienced film editor will work wonders with the detail on the converted files, and then transfer them to your choice of USB or DVD.

We are a New Zealand owned and operated business and all the work is done by us in our local video and film studio. We receive orders from throughout New Zealand. Alternatively, if you are in the Nelson area, just drop them off at our street address.

Turnaround time depends on our workload.  

Comparisons and samples

Side by side comparison of a 8mm film reel projected, versus the same reel scanned to digital video file.

Small clip showing the result of a Super 8 film reel of London in 1972, scanned  to digital video file.

A small clip from an 8mm film scan featuring tigers, a lynx and a lion

Small clip from a Super 8 film scan of Singapore in the 70s and Yellowstone in 1966

Napier new Zealand – Marineland

London – Trafalgar Square


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